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...working in prof's research lab.

But I realized that the prof owns the lab, the grad students are the ones doing any research atm. The prof's on vacation in Europe since she has family in Poland or whatever but she's pretty much traveling for fun. Apparently she watched the world cup final in Germany.

The grad students are like the slaves to the prof and the undergrads like me are grad student's slaves. I mean yeah some of us get paid but it's way too much work. The grad students always look tired and stressed. Feeling the tension in the lab makes me tired everyday. And now I'm late everyday and try to sit down and rest my legs (or slack off) as much as I can. Prof is the one that approves the timesheets and she's so far away in Europe, I still get paid for all the hours I put in the time sheet. She told me to put 8 hrs a day anyways. I only really work for like 5 or 6.

I get paid slightly above min wage but not much compared to all the classmates who got real intern jobs ;w; I thought since Seattle approved to raise min wage to $15 in 5 yrs, my prof would set my pay to be 15. But although I get work study award which pays for about half my wage, prof set my pay to be 10. It's still above min wage in WA and the national average but yeah, it's cheap. But I shouldn't complain since it's my first job ever right?

Today is the day the first paycheck is available but...the first one is mailed to our home address lol why is this system stuck in the 80s??? Maybe bc all the employers are so old? I wonder when I really get paid.
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