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Write Christmas cards!!

Read more books and magazines that just keep piling up in my room (I have subscriptions to 5 mags from Delta miles or smth).

Job hunting!!!

But I haven't done much since classes and all final tests have finished. One of the reasons is that I was super paranoid about my grades, which turned out to be really great this quarter and I have no idea why. I guess sucking up to profs did help in my major classes and the amath prof was extremely lenient on grading bc it's his first time teaching? idk but my quarter grade is the best I've ever gotten and that made me happy.

On Sunday, I met my engineering mentor who works at Boeing...she's so lucky she's been there since graduating from college and she loves the NW and Seattle area and loves her job and she just looks so happy she's looking to buy a house around the area with her boyfriend. I wish i can be like her but tbh, to be lucky like her, you probably need super good grades to be even invited to an interview at a good company like Boeing and she's like the typical female engineer with love of outdoors and idk people who loves outdoors seem to be really outgoing too, so she must have good social circle.

She gave me lots of tips about job hunting and all that, but i feel like i need to work 10000x harder than everyone else if i want to get a job that i'd enjoy.

I guess that's the first step: find out what i want to do for my career. I chose engineering for my major and I love it sometimes and other times, I loath the stressful challenges especially for female population in the industry.

I need to do so many things, some for my fun and others for my future, but really i want to be happy at work so job hunting is really hard for me since i don't have much experience in the engineering field so i still don't know what to do. So I've started to read some self help and philosophy books to have a better idea of who I want to be.
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