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I wish everyone's 2015 will be a good one!!

I'm seriously worried about mine, since i'm graduating from college!!! Class of 2015 sounds nice to me, but it'll make me sad if I can't get a job within...a few months after graduation. ;w;

it's all good since I don't have to take hard classes and overwork myself for a grade and stuff, but i don't know how to work for money and i don't even know what kinds of job i want for the future.

TO make matters worse, I don't have intern experience as an engineer so i don't know if I can use my major. i'm okay not being an engineer, but i worked so hard to pass all the math and science classes and it's a shame not to utilize some of those knowledge...(but i really don't mind any job as long as it has good pay and benefits).

But first, I need to talk about Naruto!

My Christmas and New Years was filled with Naruto because I've been trying to read the series from beginning to end, starting at vol 1! I'm at vol 62 right now, where I stopped about 2 yrs ago. I can't believe Kishimoto said the series is going towards the end about, idk 5 years ago, around vol 40 or 50 or something that range. I still haven't read the part with Obito's past but I've been getting a lot of nostalgic emotions from the manga. And merely listening to the old anime theme songs makes me wanna tear up. But anyways, it's been running for too long. I do love it despite it, because I'm getting so emotional so I don't mind all the flashbacks lol.


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