Mar. 1st, 2014

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It's gonna be such a busy month for me....pretty much only because of school. I got finals coming up in 2 weeks but ahah don't want to think about that at all...

because I've been so lazy and antisocial and shy I haven't done anything besides go to class at school, and even that's getting sloppy because I don't skip class but i don't pay attention to lecture. I didn't do so well on the last econ quiz because i was lazy and distracted with stuff on internet using my ipad. so i missed a big chunk of the quiz which the lecturer just went over in class, since we have a review for the quiz right before it in class. how stupid of me...

and i have like 3 group projects ahahhahaha why. got presentations for 2 of them too but i suppose it doesn't have to be super great or whatever. i just don't like working with people i don't care about, which is a huge problem for me.

i applied to volunteer at the seattle comic con that's at the end of March, thank goodness it's during spring break. But unfortunately, that's the only applied position that i've been accepted. I applied to so many internship positions and even some campus jobs and barista jobs at starbucks for the next spring/summer. But honestly, I have no relevant experience or skills in anything whatsoever so i can't blame any of the employers for not hiring e=me, i wouldn't hire myself either.

i'm awfully socially awkward so I can't even imagine myself having any sort of a job. My younger sister recently started working at this local donut place as a cashier and i don't think i can even do something simple like that. not having any experience totally killed my self esteem and confidence so i can't do anything for myself. how am i supposed to do anything for other people in this state?!

i hope that I can change this fact about myself at the end of the month. by writing some cheesy otoge story and volunteering at comic con, and thus socializing with other people, which i suck at. I don't know if I can make any friends at the con tho since i've been so behind on all fandoms. if I do well at this con, i might volunteer at the sakura-con which is an anime convention also in seattle but in april. it depends on what i'm doing spring quarter (probably nothing lol) but yeah i want to change myself although it's much difficult than i ever imagined. i'll be 22 in april OMG but yeah i need to grow up since i feel like i'm a helpless 10 yr old.


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