Mar. 4th, 2014

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I hate being so shy and scared of phone calls. But if I get over this, maybe I'll finally have some communication skills.

Should I be like Okarin and imagine calling someone on the phone and practice?

But yeah I feel like all the unknown numbers i've ignored could have been some hiring managers at random part time job places I've applied to. I mean, it's definitely a possibility. I always thought it was some spam or calling for research studied I signed up for but then realized they were annoying and didn't want to participate or smth. Or just the usual wrong numbers.

I was expecting some email notifications, which some places use, but I guess I could have missed out on the opportunity for job interviews if I never knew I was actually being contacted but ignored all of it because of my fear.

But from now on, although it's really scary, I'll try to pick up all the incoming calls.

But it's weird. I don't mind ordering things on the phone. I had a little miscommunication with this Thai place I usually order for take out one day, so now I just go in and order and wait. I don't mind ordering coffee by myself, and I can talk to strangers asking me directions or whatever, etc. But idk, if I'm the topic of conversation, I sometimes fail miserably depending on my mood and the other person's personality.


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