Apr. 12th, 2014

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And i thought I'd be happy to turn 22 this month....ahahha no why am so old but so childish???

spring quarter started and ugh we just had 2 weeks but man i already want it to be over

last night there was a meeting at church where they wanted a lot of teens/college age kids to go so i went after classes but like no one from seattle actually showed up?? my church has a lot of japanese people and many of them had mixed racial marriages so there are some white american people too but apparently non of the western people responds to phone calls or emails so the only people who went were japanese kids like us. but we all live like 45 miles away from seattle so it was really annoying...and the meeting was just an info session about some grad school that's strictly related to christian/religious studies with missionary projects and ummmmm God, I'm sorry but no thanks.

and sakura con is next weekend but uhhhh do I even have the time for it?! I'm taking 4 classes this quarter, which is pretty normal for me, but they all have a lot of homework assignments and many group projects and tests and i gotta prepare for that like eewwwwwww

i decided that my goal for the rest of my college career (basically a year and this quarter) is to get on dean's list for all the quarters (GPA < 3.5). I miraculously got above 3.5 last quarter so maybe I can do it again but man not so sure about that anymore.....

it's funny because profs in my major don't necessarily give me good grades...;w;

let just watch jojo so that i feel better and powerful


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