May. 16th, 2014

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I'm actually reading it for the first time and I forgot if I watched the anime while it was airing the first time around 2005 or whatever, but it feels so nostalgic and sad reading it. Now it's been around 10 years?!!? Thinking about all that time passing between me watching anime back then and reading the manga now is crazy.

There was one scene that struck me and made me cry the first time I watched it. It was right before the ed song in my one of the episode and it was just perfect timing for the ed to come up and it was so sad but beautiful I loved it. Now I just got to this part and since I'm an adult now, I have so much different feelings than I first read it.

"Waltz" by Suneohair is one of my favorite songs and it just gives me so much nostalgia about the story just by listening to it and I just had to listen to it again since that scene came up.

I need to read more shoujo mangas. It's funny since I forget most characters' names really easily and I forgot most of hachikuro until I remembered them while reading them. But now since I'm rereading them again I feel like I've always knew them in my heart or smth.


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