May. 17th, 2014

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And thank goodness for that.

I have about a year to graduate and I started out with no money in bank (I didn't even have an account) but now I got scholarships and I keep getting them each quarter lol.

idk I guess I was really lucky to have moved to Washington a year before I started college, which was enough for state residency. And I'm glad I got financial aid just to cover my tuition and some more for the year I lived in the dorm. Now I get a quarterly scholarship for just being in my major with okay grades.

I'm confused whether it was a good idea for me to major in engineering though. I was interested in the healthcare but I thought engineering would have more job security. But with my shy personality idk if I'll ever get a job. I don't really need high pay, perhaps a bit more than my dad earns, which is like nothing lol, but I don't want to live alone in an apartment and idk where to buy a house yet so I don't need a high starting salary. My family and I don't have debt so I should have been more relaxed and shouldn't have thought about careers with money in my mind when I should have enjoyed my "薔薇色のキャンパスライフ"

Still, I should have taken advantage of all the resources at the uni so I'd have more clues about life after college.

idk maybe thinking about getting free education made me a slacker in all aspects of life.
But hey, I won't be in debt like all those people suffering so I should be happy.

American education is pretty expensive but hey, if I lived in Japan, I probably wouldn't get all these free perks for being poor. So idk, I feel happy for going to college, just in general.
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"In daily life, the concepts of Mr. Right and Ms. Right are also idealizations, just like the concept of a reversible (perfect) process. People who insist on finding Mr. or Ms. Right to settle down are bound to remain Mr. or Ms. Single for the rest of their lives. The possibility of finding the perfect prospective mate is no higher than the possibility of finding a perfect (reversible) process. Likewise, a person who insists on perfection in friends is bound to have no friends."

Some life lessons from Ch 6. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics, Cengel 7E.

Man I wish this guy wrote all the books I needed for my major. Would've made things so much clearer (or funnier) for me.

But even without this book, I love this thermo class because I actually find it useful and interesting and the professor actually knows his stuff, although he's kinda awkward. I love him and this class and I want to do well!!! I wish all my profs were like that but let's be real, there are no perfect people.


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