May. 24th, 2014

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This kid that I barely talked to back in North Carolina messaged me on fb asking if I was interested in some summer camp, it's mostly for high school grads and some young college kids by the look of it but ahaaha no thanks man. idk why but when he came to Seattle with the other church fundraising group some time ago, he came up to me and talked to me for the whole freaking time. it was so awkward since he never talked to me back in NC and i honestly have on interest being friends with you either sorry. when some other people I knew back in NC also came to Seattle another time, they didn't bother saying anything except greetings and to me, that was more normal since we're just acquaintances. When that annoying guy's twin came here, he just noticed and said hi or smth and that's more like it. And now he's trying to recruit everyone he knows to this lame camp but i don't have time. And yesterday he requested for my phone number on fb lol didn't you could do that but it's weird as hell man. Should have asked me in a message for it although i probably wouldn't given it to him.

Man I don't like people in NC especially those from church I went since I have so many annoying memories there...please let me live in peace.


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