Jun. 12th, 2014

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And I actually have a summer job? YAY? except it's just a work study job working in my prof's research lab...I have to work 40 hr/wk starting July and going til the end of Sept, or when school starts again. So I have a super short break before I have to start working.

I'm happy that I'm finally doing something for the break but at the same time, I'll be so tired everyday after work so idk if I'd have time for fandoms or social life (not that I have one).

I feel like I didn't learn anything this school year and I've realized I'm way too childish about so many aspects of life so I'm not sure if I'm ready to work. I feel this lazy now and I guess it's okay since I'm not graduating. But next year when I plan to graduate, and I don't have real job plans after graduation, I'll be so screwed.

Thinking about employment in general would kill me. It's already making me super nervous and I have some anxiety issues orzzzz
I hope this 'job' will give me some confidence and not just experience.
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So I love ice cream. And it's almost summer. The weather is not really hot yet but my heart is. Ready for summer and ice and ice cream.

I discovered that Haagen daz have this app called concerto timer and it's the most random thing, watching holographic people play classics for like 3 mins while the ice cream softens. I just go straight right out of the freezer but apparently that's not the best way. Anyway I tried it and I love it so much and I want to eat as much haagen daz ice cream as possible.

But I also love frozen yogurt, which we also have in the freezer rn.
And donuts. My sister works at a local donut shop and I kinda became addicted. Tomorrow I'll get to eat more and ahahahhaa....

And I like drinking soy milk. It's actually pretty healthy and has as much as calcium as milk, but the best thing about it is that it helps with menstrual pain?? Or drinking for a week before your period helps you prevent some cramps. It works for me and anyways I love soy milk and drink it daily. But with all the fat from donuts and carbs, the soy milk really helped my boobs get bigger this month. Because soy milk has estrogen or smth. I mean my stomach is...fat but now my boobs too and ugh I feel fat I need to work out. But I don't want to go outside when I don't have to.


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