Jun. 21st, 2014

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finally finished watching zeta gundam today and i think i started it last summer but left about a half of the series in my usb and forgot about it oops.

when i picked it up again after i finished classes this spring quarter i just wanted to clear up my usb. But once I started watching again i came to love the series.

well, at first, i was watching while trying to beat 2048 on another window (which i finally did YAY) and hatching for shiny eggs in pokemon (obviously that shiny charm ain't working).

but then I came to really love the music, characters and all that drama, and even the crappy 80s art technology (the character design and stuff was fine).

Now I think I can understand some (if not most) of the gundam z refs. I started listening to the DGS radio and sometimes they have lots of gundam refs and the writer of this radio show really loves Haman Karn and plays around with OnoD and HiroC, which can be funny, sometimes. Anyways I'm glad I watched this anime now.

I should watch gundam ZZ (the 3rd gundam TV show?) next lol what is this never ending series...? But i dl'd this huge gundam wing file so I'll tackle that and all the other anime and non-anime series...sometime soon. hopefully all during the summer so i wouldn't forget.


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