Jul. 19th, 2014

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thought I should update this blog more often bc I've been reading a lot recently.
I'm actually in the middle of reading things so it's not really a review...

I finished reading Honey and Clover!!! The last final chapters made me cry like a baby omg I love you Takemotoooooo!!! I wanna watch the anime again just bc of him and Kamiya Hiroshi but Kamiya got in the accident so he's not in the last ep of the 2nd season...the series finale. So idk if I'll watch the whole thing or just some eps but yah this made me so nostalgic (although I'd forgotten most of the chara's names). It was only 10 volumes but it took me such a long time like 2 months since I finished spring quarter. Now that I'm a senior in college with no life plans what so ever, I see myself in Takemoto so much (except falling in love part lol). I'm gonna watch the movie again. I watched it once a long time ago but it turned out really boring like many live action Japanese movies based on manga. But I found out Sakai Masato was playing Hanamoto so I must....or should watch it again....just for him.

And since I don't have much time to update things anyway, I'll talk about Clash of Kings, which I'm almost done with. I've been listening to the audio book on the way to school (or work). At first I just wanted to get caught up with the Game of Thrones without watching the horrific scenes in HBO series, but now it's getting harder not to watch it. I've only watched the first season's pilot and it was all good except for the obscene scenes. I'e heard about the good acting and the visual effects and somewhat interesting plot. But now that I've been reading or really listening to the books with those scenes in it, I feel like I can take them now. Maybe. Anyways, the 2nd book is good like the first one, just way more characters than I can ever remember.

yeah actually these are the only things I had been reading this summer, in terms of books. I'll read Tonari no kaibutsu kun now that it's finished running and continue with the Ice and Fire maybe for the next 2 books.

I've also been reading a lot of magazines like Time, the Economist, Entertainment weekly, Fortune, and kinda just skim through Health and Instyle, bc we get those magazines regularly and I guess I gotta read them. Mom thought we had to use the Delta skymiles from when we went to Osaka but apparently we didn't have to use it then. I like reading the Economist the best with all the random politics and business news that goes right through me but still it's good to be informed of global news. Time pretty much covers the similar topics. Ew sometimes has interesting articles on pop culture, which I'm obviously behind but probably not important so it's ok but somethings interest me anyways.

This summer, I'm working 40 hrs a week for an "internship" or working in my prof's lab which is both boring and cheap but that was the only person willing to hire me so that's fine. I just wanted this summer to be different from other summers since it's my last long summer break in college. If I can't get a job after graduation, it might not just be summer but i wanted to do something other than just watching anime and just waiting time to pass by, so reading a lot of things is a big change. I mean, I had read a lot of manga in the past summers, but I try to mix things up a bit. When I'm done with more reading, I might do a part 2.


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