Sep. 23rd, 2014

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Well, sometimes anyway.

And then when I need to make decisions quickly, I kinda panic...hahaha

So I realized that there are so many info sessions to attend and I really should go to these if I want any chance at getting to know the companies and stand out to the recruiters. So that I can get interviews to practice and eventually GET JOBS!?!

That seems way too hard but within a month, I need to go to like 10 of these, including some career fairs. Fairs are during the day time, but info sessions are at night and I commute 2hrs each way, and when it ends around 8, I'll get home definitely after 10pm....

I try to get into bed bu 10:30 so that I can wake up around 6:30 and go to school. I mean, that's the stay healthy and sane while going to college...without any social life....;w;

Freshman year I lived in the dorm I hate with roommates I hate but I've been commuting for 2yrs now and it didn't occur to me to live on campus for my senior year. Because I've been forgetting about applying to jobs, lol stupid me.

It's super late to get an apartment or dorm room, and I didn't want to pay for it anyways, but now, my main option would be to stay at a nearby hotel every single time I need to stay late on campus for those info sessions.

But wait, I don't even have a credit card so I can't make appt on my own!? They take debit cards...right?

It's just that with my super Asian parents, or mostly my mom, they try to be overprotective, and in my case, they are too reluctant to let us children go on our lives....

I'll complain about my parents in another post. I need to get a shower and sleep and prepare for tomorrow....


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