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Even on some stuff I enjoy (like anime lol)

I should have messaged some profs in the material engineering dept way back like during summer/end of spring when i saw some posts on uw reddit about research opportunity. When I started fall quarter here I was happy because I found "research" opportunity very quickly within my major but most of the time i was just cleaning stuff, without any cool technical activities. So I kinda just quit after going 2 times. And then I pretty much didn't do anything for the rest of fall quarter and look at me now wow. I'm not sure if those other engineering departments have paid research opportunity, since in my major, it's all volunteer work, without getting any cool experience or knowledge. I made some biodiesel in this class but I don't get to volunteer in the biofuel lab until after the whole junior year so LOLOL.

I emailed some profs in other dept and they replied surprisingly quickly, but with a note saying they already hired someone or that they don't need anyone anymore. If I emailed at the beginning of the year or maybe during summer I may have had more chance!!! But no, I spent my glorious summer in my room, reading manga. I don't mind the entertainment but I wish I can take those time back. I wish I looked at my possibilities for work study and research as soon as I became an undergrad and didn't slack off. I had tons of time when I lived at the dorm but I wasted watching anime and being a loner. You might think if I don't have social life I could have studied harder and get better grades but no. I never got the good distractions of college, I guess.

I'm trying to get "connected" with people on linkedin and I've been on an adding spree on facebook hahahaha. But I suck at networking and making friends and good, lasting relationships, even on the internet.

I'm so behind Some people I know my age already have a clear path to good careers, and if they don't go to school, some are happily married and have kids. I wish I could either of those in the near future. If I can get a good husband (lol let's get realistic here tho) I could become a housewife..ha..hahaha.

sometimes it's easy to blame my lack of confidence from moving too much or the fact that english is my second language or that I'm the first person in family to go to college...for my boring life.

I will (I gotta) try again and email people who posts research opportunities or


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